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Posted By: Donuel
02-Apr-17 - 03:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Korean War II
Subject: BS: Trump Korean War II
There is sabre rattling then there is drawing a gun. Both Trump and Tillerman warn China to do something about North Korea or the US will.

Trump Meets wit the Chinese President at Mara Lago. Who cares if they shake hands. I think Trump will make his bones with a fool hearty military strike on Korea. China will call his bluff. Russia, Japan as well as China will all have a response if Trump goes mad.

Our State Dept. has no one left to offer a diplomatic solution.

Then again who cares what I believe. It is what Trump and a double funded US military believe that counts.

Lets all hope this topic evaporates but I would hold back on Hyundai and KIA purchases.