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Posted By: Jack Campin
13-Apr-17 - 10:05 AM
Thread Name: Three Hole Pipes
Subject: RE: Three Hole Pipes
Since my last post in this thread I have acquired two more instruments in this family and both of them are rather a pig to play.

The txistu (a real, full-sized Basque one) is a sensible size and pitch, but it has a very strange metal mouthpiece which takes extreme care if you are not to knock your front teeth out with it. Some of the chromatic fingerings involve half-covering the end of the instrument with your little finger, which I find nearly impossible.

The Catalan flabiol is quite flexible and ergonomically sensible in its fingering, except for the weird feature that you have one hole to cover on the bottom of the instrument using the top of your little finger, but it's so shatteringly loud and high pitched that I can't practice it at all without wearing earplugs.

I've made a one-handed washboard to play along with these.