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Posted By: keberoxu
17-Apr-17 - 04:34 PM
Thread Name: English Trans. Req: Fruhlingsmusikanten
Subject: RE: English Trans. Req: Fruhlingsmusikanten
But first, here is a rough-and-tumble attempt at a sloppy English translation of the satire in the OP, taking into account all the excellent suggestions, definitions, and explanations on this thread.


Once upon a time, in the kingdom,
Spring did not wish to arrive.
The King, in great need,
Conferred with his Cabinet.
According to the Chancellor's counsel,
An old frog was sent for,
With his young green host of frogs,
To announce the coming of Spring.

As soon as the Frog strode into the [royal] Garden,
The King felt contented.
The Spring, he cried, is not far away,
Let me be carried out in the fresh air.
Then he sat there in his velvet [sedan?] chair,
Wearing his fine ornamented jacket,
And heard, in the murky pool,
The good-mannered croaking of the frog.

A second [frog] soon appeared
To croak in concert with him,
The third also joined in,
And then they sang as a quartet.
Each one croaked really loud [to outdo the others -- boast?],
Fit to burst their throats;
So as, for the sake of His Majesty,
To do most obedient service.

And ever greater was the commotion,
The king could not stand it;
So he called to his Chancellor
To smack the people's mouth shut.
He said, We have Springtime now
And are favorably disposed to you,
So now shut up before our wrath
And go to --!!, you Demagogues.

Thus we praise our kingdom,
How we are well-counselled,
What do the frogs in the pond matter to us,
Or their potentates?
Spring goes, Summer returns,
And again Autumn and Winter;
We sing resolutely and without prohibition
The loveliest of songs.

Thanks everybody!
Next comes the Kaiser of Turkey...