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Posted By: Mr Red
18-Apr-17 - 03:05 AM
Thread Name: Irish speakers' help, please
Subject: RE: Irish speakers' help, please
river Suir

If this was transliteration might we make a connection with the English river Soar?

In the process of Anglicising or Irishing - would they not try to use the most familiar.
Or lacking a reference to the river Soar - it would tend to favour the Irish origin.

Just saying.

A case in point is "Horses Brawle" aka "Nonesuch"
There was an inferior tune knocking around France 250 years ago called "Les Bouffant" which clearly had the same roots. As someone, of this parish, pointed out - it was the world-wide hit of 1751 - hence published by Mr Playford as HB.

Asking if "Horses Brawle" is in the key of Gg is a favourite bon mot of mine at sessions, but the real joke is that it should go from G to G minor - but DG melodeons have to cheat on that.