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Posted By: Stower
18-Apr-17 - 04:18 AM
Thread Name: Irish speakers' help, please
Subject: RE: Irish speakers' help, please
keberoxu, thank you. I knew Eibhlín a rúin / Eileen Aroon had been 'translated back into Irish', but I didn't know it had similar interpretation issues as Calleno. Since there are multiple ways of doing this, a part of me does wonder if it is akin to listening to a record backwards - we can hear lots of sentences in there, since we pick out things that make sense to us - but they're not really there, as really we're just hearing a stream of syllables.   

Felipa, I take it you are an Irish speaker. Do you know anything of the history of the language, 16th century pronunciation in particular? If I could find such a person I'd be striking gold for this question. Since there are so many ways of interpreting Calleno, my guess is that interpretation is always making compromises with the language to make it fit, so a specialist in 16th century Irish pronunciation would know, I expect.

Mr Red, I'm not clear. In English there wouldn't be any connection with the English river Soar, as the 'English' isn't English - it's Caleno custure me. Horses Brawle aka Nonesuch? They're entirely different tunes. Les Bouffant? Do you mean Les Bouffons? That is contemporaneous with Horse's Branle, both in Orchesographie, 1589. And Playford's Dancing Master was 1651, not 1751. And the relevance of this to Calleno?