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Posted By: Stu
18-Apr-17 - 08:26 AM
Thread Name: BS:Mass murder of defenceless civilians-Korea 1951
Subject: RE: BS: Mass murder of defenceless civilians
"Joe, those who chose war over peace have to accept that that decision can attract certain consequences"

Especially for innocent people who have very little or no control over what their leaders so. Leaders who don't care about the death and suffering they inflict on others or others inflict on their populations. There is a moral issue here that being at war does not render irrelevant, but rather should guide how a nation approaches conflict.

In this case, we all have a duty to oppose the mass murder of civilians and not to blame the victims for the actions of the few. Is killing 20% of a civilian population because of the actions of a political and military elite justifiable? For my part, nothing justifies the wilful murder of innocents in war or otherwise.