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Posted By: Jim Carroll
18-Apr-17 - 08:01 PM
Thread Name: BS:Mass murder of defenceless civilians-Korea 1951
Subject: RE: BS: Mass murder of defenceless civilians
" The phenomenon of mind control."
a conjured up Western dream
How do you "mind control" countries the size of Russia and China, especially when the first thing their new leaders was was to intruduce univrsl education where none had been before
The Russian Revolution came about at the time of, and probably because of of World War One, where entire generations were forced to sacrifice their lives for the sake of "God, KIng and country" - "mind control in he extreme.
I visited six communist countries as a young man
I found the people I met were well-educated and articulate men and women who, for all their criticisms, which they expressed openly to a couple of strangers, were dedicated to their country and believed that the changes that had been brought about would continue - that included Czechoslovakia following the Troubles there in 1969.
The mind control of nations is the stuff of Science Fiction - the nearest to reality it has ever attained it two world Wars, four Thatcher Governments, Brexit and Trump -though I do find it somewhat reminiscent of the classic, 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' when I constantly have to jump aside t avoud people staring into mobile phones - creepy or what!!!
Sorry Robo (a strange cchoice of name for someone fantasising about mind control) - you appear to have overdosed on Star Trek
Spare us the Cold War sloganising.
Jim Carroll