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Posted By: robomatic
18-Apr-17 - 08:36 PM
Thread Name: BS:Mass murder of defenceless civilians-Korea 1951
Subject: RE: BS: Mass murder of defenceless civilians
Ahh Jim: I got to visit the Soviet Union when it was the Soviet Union. Their two main newspapers were Izvestia and Pravda which mean respectively 'News' and 'Truth'. A common Russian saying was that in the News there was no truth and in the Truth there was no news.
I have gotten in trouble in forums much different from this from merely observing that considering the horrible economic losses sustained in the Wars, I was impressed by the high literacy rate and that everyone's teeth had been fixed, even if the artificial teeth were stainless steel.
But you have swallowed the philosophical alternative facts that were the Soviet Ideology, and the artificial philosophy that underlay their State actions of invasion and occupation of their neighbors. And you apparently are willing to overlook the Gulag Archipelago, Show Trials, the mass starvation of Collectivization.
And it would be nice to mention that after WWI American aid organized by Herbert Hoover saved millions of Russians from starving.
I too met many of the people who grew up under Communism, but a funny thing, when you live in a country with very limited information, all of it State controlled, you know you're being lied to, but you still exist on a diet of lies. You have to know more about that kind of world then what a visitor sees and knows in a short time and people are willing to tell him or her when they don't know who they are talking with.
The Books "Darkness at Noon" and "1984" were written by people who had been believers but evolved (hope the word 'evolution' is not on YOUR forbidden list, JC) because they asked questions, and questions in that environment are dangerous.