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Posted By: Allan Conn
19-Apr-17 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK General Election
Subject: RE: BS: UK General Election
Re McGrath's surprise at Ake changing his mind - there has been some folks changing stance. People voted either Yes or No at the last Indy vote but it doesn't mean they are defined by that. It is not always their number one issue. There are a hard core of both Yes and No voters who's minds would never be changed but a lot of folk have a softer view on the debate. That is they are open to change. I've not personally come across anyone here in Kelso who has gone from Yes to No because of the SNP's stance on the EU but they do exist in Scotland and obviously Ake could be one of them. It goes the other way too though. I know two people personally who were both quite avid No voters in the Indy referendum. Both Labour voters and spoke out against the Yes campaign. Both are now openly saying they support independence and one who is an English born lady in her 60s who has been a member of Labour all her adult life is now saying she will vote for the sitting SNP member in the GE. I'm not sure how it will go in Scotland. The three unionist seats are all in the top five at risk seats in Scotland - however I imagine the SNP will maybe be a wee bit short of the 50% of the vote they got last time. I imagine they are still likely to be well over the 40% and maybe over 45%. Most of their seats have pretty solid majorities. So possibly the Tories might pick up several seats - but even having say 5 or 6 out of the 59 Scottish seats would make it hard for Ruth Davidson to back up her claims that everyone is sick of the SNP and no-one in Scotland wants another vote.