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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
19-Apr-17 - 09:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK General Election
Subject: RE: BS: UK General Election
Guy Verhofstadt summed it up well when he said that in the future people will see Brexit for what is, "a catfight in the Conservative party that got out of hand, a loss of time, a waste of energy, stupidity."

Clearly he's summed up his view of it.

As an optimist I trust we will look back on it as having been the means to get ourselves free of European dominance, and regain an ability to trade with the rest of the world, including the Commonwealth, under our own terms.

Of course, I don't have Guy Verhofstadt's crystal ball, so cannot say that that is how we will look back on it. From the wording he seems very clear that his view will definitely come to pass. He's possibly as creditable as all those who were predicting dire results for the UK from the date of the referendum, were we to vote to leave.
We did so vote (by a majority of those voting) and the calamities failed to materialise.