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Posted By: robomatic
19-Apr-17 - 04:00 PM
Thread Name: BS:Mass murder of defenceless civilians-Korea 1951
Subject: RE: BS: Mass murder of defenceless civilians
Jim you very capably express a POV I can sympathize with - in spots. No one is saying that any nations have clean hands in a filthy world. BUT, I think you will not be surprised to find that my opinion is that you are cherry picking your nasties. I say Gulags, you avow that Hitler's Concentration Camps were Capitalism Made Manifest. I find that unbelievable on its face because you are completely ignoring the racism racialism that was bedrock to the Nazi philosophy. Hitler found companies that made his munitions and the furnaces of Auschwitz. Likewise Stalin found whatever he needed to establish his gulags, very often the work of the prisoners themselves. I don't think economic structure is a valid demarcation point...
Lenin was no peacenik. He backed away from war with Germany because the Germans had helped put him in power. Stalin made 'peace' with Hitler so both could divide up Poland and prepare for major war with each-other (and in the meantime he raped Finland).
But as for national structure of government and legal system over one's own citizens, the difference is as night and day - for me. Freedom of speech under one side, prohibited on the other. Access to legal means for the accused under one side, unavailable on the other. Ability to publish independently under one side, unknown on the other. Food distribution independent under one side, dependent on the State under the other.
These are the concrete and discrete difference between societies that you are seeking to muddle together in your pot stirring perambulations.

Let's boil it down to one question, Jim- Is there at the present time a net qualitative difference between life in South Korea and life in North Korea? And which side if any has the plus column?