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Posted By: robomatic
20-Apr-17 - 12:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Russian Bombers
Subject: BS: Russian Bombers
For the second time in two days Russian bombers have appeared flying off Alaska's West coast.
On Monday the two Tupelov 95s were intercepted by American F22s scrambled out of my town, Anchorage. Less than 24 hours later, two bombers, we don't know if they are the same as the first time, appeared again and were tracked but not intercepted.
The Tu-95s are impressive beasts, the Soviet Russian answer to the B-52. Rather than turbojet engines, they are powered by large turbprops of unique design, driving contra-rotating props. They were designed to be fuel efficient for extended patrol and long range missions. They are apparently loud as hell and I wonder how many Russian airmen have had their hearing ruined over the generations those planes have been fielded.
Meanwhile, we are feeling that our economy will be bolstered by continued government contributions to the extensive military presence here. In these days of low oil prices and moderated petroleum development we need all the help we can get.
As for what is on the Russians' minds, speculation may run rampant but we here in the 49th State are commemorating and yes, celebrating, the 150th Anniversary of the 'purchase)' of Alaska (actual a Treaty of Cession) from Russia in 1867. I think this is also called a sesquicentennial. Maybe the Russians just want a little peak.
If you are curious about life in the North, why the United States has a seat at the Arctic Conference, our broad spectrum of indigenous humanity, and you don't want to have Scandinavian languages translated to you, visit Alaska.
We have achieved what no one else has, the location of Walmarts to the sub-Arctic.