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Posted By: FreddyHeadey
20-Apr-17 - 02:56 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Slow Train (Flanders and Swann)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Slow Train (Flanders and Swann)
T:Slow Train
C:lyrics:Michael Flanders & tune:Donald Swann
I:linebreak $
V:1 treble
%%MIDI program 0
z z z z z C | F2 F/F/ F2 F | F2 F FGA | G2 C C3 | z z z z $
w: No|more will I go to|Bland- ford for- um and|Mor- te- hoe|
CC | F3 F2 F | FFF FGA | A2 B G3 | z z z z z $
w: On the|slow train from|Mid- so- mer Nor- ton and|Mum- by Road|
G | A2 A ABc |               cDD D2       D | GGG GAB | BA>G A2 $
w: No|churns, no por- ter, no|cat on a seat, at|Chorl- ton- cum- har- dy or|Che- ster- le Street;
A | A2 A AFD | A3 z GF | C3 C3 | z z z z z $
w: We|won't be mee- ting a-|gain on the|Slow Train.|
C | FF>F F2 F | FFF FGA | G2 C C2 z | z z z z z $
w: I'll|tra- vel no more from|Li- ttle- ton Bad- sey to|O- pen- shaw.|
C | F3 FFF | F2 F FGA | A2 B G2 z | z z z z z $
w: At|Long- Stan- ton I'll|stand well clear of the|doors no more.|
G | A2 A ABc | c zD/D/ D2 D | GGG GAB | B2 A/G/ A2 $
w: No|white- washed pe- bles, no|'Up' & no 'Down' From|Form- by Four Cro- ses to|Dun- sta- ble Town,
A | A2 A AFD | A3 z GF | C3 C3 | z z z z $
w: I|won't be go- ing a-|gain on the|Slow Train.|
CC | c A2 z FF | C2 D c2 z | z z =B B2 _A | E3 z2 $
w: On the|main line and the|goods si- ding|the grass grows|high,
E | AA z z z G/F/ | G G2 z z A |DDD D2 z |z z z z z $
w: at|Dog Dyke Tum- by|Wood- side and|Trou- ble House Halt|
E | F2 E F3 | z z F FGA | G2 C C2 z | z z z z z $
w: The|slee- pers sleep|at Aud- lem and|Am- ber- gate|
C | FFF F2 F | FFF FGA | A2 B G3 | z6 | $
w:No|pa- sen- ger waits on|Chi- tte- ning plat- form or| Ches- lyn Hay||
AAA A2 z | cDD D2 D | GGG G2 G/A/ | BAG A2 $
w: No- one de- parts|No one a- rrives from|Sel- by to Goole from St.|Erth to St. Ives.
A | A2 A AFD |A3 z GF |                      C3 C3 |   z2 z2   $
w: They've|all passed out of our|lives On the|Slow Thrain|
DC    | F3 F3 | z6 | z6 | z2 z2 $
w: On the|Slow Train|||
DC | F3 F3 | z6 | z6 | z2 z2 $
w: On the|Slow Train||||||||
DC | F3 F3 | z6 | z6 | z6 | z6 | $
w: On the|Slow Train |
W:(Miller's Dale for Tideswell?Kirby Muxloe?Mow Cop and Scholar Green)
W:No         more will I go to         Blandford Forum and         Mortehoe         _   _
W:On the         slow train from         Midsomer Norton and Mumby Road         _   _
W:No         churns, no porter, no         cat on a seat
W:At         Chorlton-cum-Hardy or         Chester-le-Street
W:We         won't be meeting a        gain    _ On the         Slow Train         _   _
W:I'll         travel no more from         Littleton Badsey to         Openshaw         _   _
W:At         Long Stanton I'll stand well clear of the         doors no more         _   _
W:No         whitewashed pebbles, no         Up and no Down
W:From         Formby Four Crosses to         Dunstable Town
W:I         won't be going a        gain      _ On the         Slow Train         _   _
W:On the         Main Line _ and the         goods siding   
W:         _ The grass grows         high _
W:At         Dog Dyke, _Tumby         Woodside _
W:And         Trouble House Halt         _   _ .
W:The         Sleepers sleep            _    at Audlem   and        Ambergate        _   _
W:No         passenger waits on         Chittening platform or        Cheslyn Hay        _    _
W:         No one departs,         no one arrives
W:From         Selby to Goole, from St         Erth to St Ives
W:They've all passed out of our lives   _ On the Slow Train,         _   _
W:on the         Slow Train         _   _         
W:(Cockermouth for Buttermere )...          _    _
W:on the         Slow Train        (Armley Moor Arram )
W:          _    (Pye Hill and         Somercotes ... ) _
W:on the         Slow Train          _      (Windmill End)
W:        _       _         _       _
W:        _