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Posted By: GUEST,Seller again
20-Apr-17 - 11:33 PM
Thread Name: Harmonium for sale
Subject: RE: Harmonium for sale
Please post a link to your "pictures".

I'd gladly send you along some pictures. I don't have any uploaded anywhere at the moment. I'm planning on taking a few more detailed ones tomorrow, Friday.

Is there a stamp indicating mfg?

I haven't found one yet; I am pretty sure of the manufacturer, but since there are few examples of this variety of harmonium online, I am going to do some more looking before I venture any semi-confident guesses.

Do ALL the reeds function on-pitch?

as "on pitch" as a used, basic reed instrument can be without maintenance that I do not know the state of and am not paying to have done. :)

Type of bellows (canvas/leather)?

Canvas; that is to say, almost positive they are not leather - in my experience, leather for these purposes has always come from animals harvested for their hides after natural death, not from animals killed for their skin, which would be offensive to Hindus and Jains, and would make the price of the instrument higher due to the more expensive materials.

Why are you selling?

I have been a buyer, seller and collector of interesting musical instruments for some time, but recent emergency car repairs and family financial strain do not permit me to keep anything I have of value that I would not actively be using when I perform. I would love to keep it, but I can't afford "toys" right now.

How did the device come into your posession?

It's a neat story - I was in a secondhand shop here in the US. I was about to purchase a (very) cheap vintage ukulele, of 'souvenir' quality, that had some neat folk-art painting from Jamaica. As I went to the counter to pay, I noticed the harmonium on a table behind the cash register. I asked how much it was, and when the employee told me the price, which indicated to me that they had NO idea what they had there, I let another interested party buy the neat little ukulele and I purchased the harmonium after making sure that the bellows and all the keys worked.

Thanks for asking - if you'd like to email pics of your banjo, you may do so to at your convenience. I will send along pictures of the harmonium as soon as I am able to take decent ones tomorrow. :)