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Posted By: Teribus
21-Apr-17 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK General Election
Subject: RE: BS: UK General Election
"First, a CEO who pays himself a hundred times more than the lady who cleans the toilets in his office suite is not working a hundred times harder. Ah, you say, but his job carries far more responsibility. Really? So, second point, how easy it is to throw around that word "responsibility." I take it that you're referring to responsibility for maintaining the profits so that the shareholders' dividends won't collapse, or responsibility for setting up a business model that pays producers as little as possible but which charges as high a price for the goods as possible." - Shaw

Number of points here:

1: The CEO doesn't pay himself, his salary along with any bonus payment or share options are NOT set by himself, they are offered and negotiated by the Board of Directors and by the shareholders.

The wages and terms of employment "the cleaning lady" (Why should it be a lady?) are set by Company pay scale, Agency rates, Union Agreements.

The "cleaning lady" works set hours, the CEO does not.

The "cleaning lady" is responsible for ensuring that she performs her own duties and responsibilities to the required standard. The CEO is responsible for ensuring that everyone working for the Company performs their duties and responsibilities to the required standard.

2: How about the "responsibility" of ensuring the company stays in business in relation to product, marketing, development and book in order that its employees still have jobs and continued employment.

Nice to see that you still cling like a limpet to your ideological belief in your clich├ęd stereotypes - obvious that you have never actually worked in any commercial environment.