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Posted By: Thompson
21-Apr-17 - 09:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: On your bike
Subject: RE: BS: On your bike
No. The sensible thing, when cycling in a group, is to ride in twos, and when a car comes up, to separate into shorter bunches so the car can gradually hop past.

There are two aspects to this. One is that some of the newer clubs haven't learned this.

The other is that drivers are far too impatient, and when driving behind a group of cyclists going from 30kp/h to 50kp/h (if we're talking about clubs on training runs) are not prepared to wait for a safe time to pass, as they would wait without tantrums if it were a couple of tractors or trucks going the same speed.

And a third thing is the tone that has already shown itself in this thread, where "cyclists" are a single group, while "drivers" are individuals. Anyone talking like this may be assured (in their happy fantasy world) that I'll bring their points up at the compulsory meeting of all the cyclists of Ireland that happens every Saturday.