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Posted By: Jeri
21-Apr-17 - 01:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Korean War II
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Korean War II
North Korea is 2.5 miles away from South Korea. The US has quite a few military installations in S. Korea, a few of which are really close to the DMZ. S. Korea is our ally.

So radioactive fallout may harm the Bering Sea, but, depending on wind direction, it's going to fall on our military, too.

Dropping a nuke on N. Korea would be essentially like Florida dropping a nuke on Georgia.

While I'm of the opinion that Trump is unprecedentedly stupid, I don't think he's THAT stupid. Fingers crossed, anyway. It's not worth it in any way to re-ignite the Korean War with a nuke. The usual pot-shots and incursions are probably how it's going to continue, although there may be more of the incidents. And if N. Korea uses a nuke on people, I'd guess there won't be any more N. Korea for very long.