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Posted By: Bugsy
29-Jan-01 - 11:00 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Big Effen Bee (Matt McGinn)
Subject: RE: Does anyone know the Effin Bee story?
As told to me by my mate, Johnny Mack from Darwin.

In the great town of Effin,
There lived a Storekeeper
He kept bees,
An Effin Beekeeper was he.

One day this big Effin Beekeeper
Was Stung to death by a big Effin Bee.
Now the big Effin Beekeepers wee Effin Wife
Hor the big Effin Police she ran
For no one can swat a big Effin Bee
Like a big Effin Policeman can

Now this big Effin Policeman, he done his nut
and ran down the big Effin Street
In his hand was a big Effin Baton
And he had big Effin Boots on his feet. When he caught up with the big Effin Bee
He twisted the Effin Bee's wings
But this Effin Big Bee got its own back
For this Big Effin Bee had two stings!

Now the Effin folk made him a hero
And they often go back there to see.
They just stare in amazement
At the Effin Big Policeman
Stung to death by an Effin Big Bee!