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Posted By: Mr Red
13-May-17 - 05:44 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Computer backup - Win10, UPS, external HDD
Subject: RE: Tech: Computer backup - Win10, UPS, external HDD
1) I have 2 laptops and 2 tower PCs.
2) Only one is on the internet.
3) The back-up HDD is not permanently connected. Neither is the internet. They used to say any PC could be found in an hour. If connected!
4) Some browsers (and favoured apps) with associated passwords are portable versions on a second HDD, with copies on the back-up and also on a memory stick I can use on other machines.
5) favourites with hints to those passwords, email (etc) are in a local HTML file that is my browser's homepage.
6) And with 8 domains I can make a new e-mail address for any registration that is inconsequential or is untried. Simple redirects to my covert address (same on website forms' email addresses).
7) I have certain browsers for certain websites. eg Flash movies (BBC iPlayer etc) on one, another (sans Flash) for general purpose, Chrome for translated pages, & Goggle Earth. There even is a browser from my AV company which purports to be secure and it is picky with websites.
8) Most scam e-mails come in to those disposable e-mail addresses, makes it easier to spot.
9) all this doesn't guarantee protection but it makes it hard for them, and there are so many easier targets. But I stay alert, after all - if this is a game I intend to win. I have a lot to loose.
10) the hard work has paid-off over the last 17 years - so far.
11) I am more likely to loose/corrupt things with finger trouble &/or brain fade. Now why the hell didn't I copy this text to clipboard before the BT (notso) HotSpot disconnected itself?