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Posted By: Mr Red
14-May-17 - 04:17 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Computer backup - Win10, UPS, external HDD
Subject: RE: Tech: Computer backup - Win10, UPS, external HDD
A word of caution
all forms of storage - floppies (remember them) HDD, SSD, memory sticks have an MTBF - someone (of this parish) who used external HDDs found out of 10 identical rotating disc HDDs, 2 had failed in some way in 5 years. & they were being used as long term storage not regularly.

I myself had to reload Firefox recently because of what I would assume was a soft error on a rotating HDD. Who knows why, vibration, gamma hits, or even wear.

SSDs are a system on their own. The internal microprocessor is monitoring the threshold of cells and when it gets close to failure swaps out a whole block and calls up reserve memory in its place. Maybe your better memory sticks do it. But as the prime HDD in your system it would get a lot of use - which affects those thresholds.

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