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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
18-May-17 - 10:36 PM
Thread Name: Obit: death of UK child killer Ian Brady
Subject: RE: Obit: death of UK child killer Ian Brady
i'm sorry. i wasn't trying to be cryptic. i'm not sure my thoughts are anything except the ramblings of an old man - i am flattered that you think they are worth analysis. Thank you Robomatic. Can i send you my album in appreciation? pm me your address.

the proscenium arch is the arch over the stage in an old fashioned theatre. What i was trying to say was that the intention of capital punishment was to theatricalise it. i think this was the intention of public execution - to provide a grisly spectacle to show other people that being a wrongdoer wasn't a great career choice.

and the only problem with this is that getting the starring role in multi million pound production does have a certain allure.

that starring role...i remember McVeigh.. i don't remember the his co defendants, i don't know the names of any of his victims. that's what i was getting at. that's what CP has conferred upon him.