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Posted By: Jim Carroll
24-May-17 - 03:15 AM
Thread Name: Manchester Explosion May 22, 2017
Subject: RE: Manchester Explosion May 22, 2017
An "Arab Springer"
It hasn't taken long for the extreme extremist on the forum to turn the discussion from a horrific crime into an attack on the Arab/Muslim people as a whole
Personally, I find little difference in Ake's attitude and that of the bomber - both bigoted, hate filled less-than-human beings.
Under the dictators and the archaic dynasties that Britain and the other Empires left in their wake when we pulled out, the Arab people as a whole continued to be exploited and oppressed - we assisted that oppression with our support, politically and economically, and we benefitted from it economically
We sold the despots weapons to keep the people down and we filled our shops with goods manufactured in appalling conditions for minuscule wages - we even waged war to keep our cars on the road.
The Arab Spring was a spontaneous reaction of the poor people of several nations to better their lot.
Failing to recognising or support this fact, our Governments at best, payed lip service and did nothing, at worst. rowed in on the side of the dictators, selling them weapons and describing genuine opposition as "terrorism".
Libya was typical - we described Qadaffi as a despot, yet sold him weapons and trained his son to take over - the two sides in the uprising were killing each other with weapons supplied by Britain.
The end result was ISIS, a small, unknown sect of nutters who grew into the monster it has become by feeding on the vacuum we created - ISIS is a creation of our indifference and self-interested attitude.
It is inevitable that poor people as a whole will attempt to improve their lot and better their conditions, just as it is inevitable that people like Ake will sneer at their efforts to do so.
The future of this planet hangs on our winning the hearts and minds of the poorer nations and assisting them develop, rather than continuing to profit from their poverty and backwardness.
In general, immigrants from these countries who have come to Britain to seek better lives, have become part of our society (when allowed to) and added to it.   
If we don't realise that the world is full of friends we haven't met yet, incidents like Manchester, London and 9/11 will become like buses - there'll be another one along in a minute.
Maggie T described the miners as 'The Enemy Within' - as far as I am concerned, that honour firmly lies with the home-grown venomous bigots in our midst
Jim Carroll