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Posted By: GUEST,Arfur
25-May-17 - 06:47 AM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Hot Ash-Pelt (Hot Asphalt)
Subject: RE: DTStudy: Hot Ash-Pelt (Hot Asphalt)
The version I sing goes

Now its lately gone six months ago I left me native home
And to old Englands sunny shores I was inclined to roam
And now I wears a gansy and around me waist a belt
Im the gaffer of the boys who lay the hot asphalt

you can lay it in the hollows you can lay it in the flat
If it doesnt last forever then I swear Ill eat me hat
Ive travelled all around the world and sure Ive never felt
Any surface thats the equal to the hot asphalt

We were working in the summertime we rolled it nice and hot
Two million yards or more of it we had to roll the lot
The sun was boiling down on us we thoughts our backs would melt
working on the motor highway laying hot asphalt

There were boys from Connemara County Mayo and Kildare
And Sligo Pincher kiddies sure all Ireland was there
We was working all around the clock you should have seen us belt
Working on the motor highway laying hot asphalt

So when youre riding in your motor car and speeding through the shires
And the only thing youre hearing is the humming of the tyres
Youll be riding soft an easy on a road as smooth as felt
so dont forget the boys who laid the hot asphalt