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Posted By: Helen
31-May-17 - 04:08 PM
Thread Name: So, if I were to buy a Ukulele....
Subject: RE: So, if I were to buy a Ukulele....
Thanks for nothing, gillymor!

Now I've gone and bought three new uke books: From Lute to Uke, The Baroque Ukulele, Fingerstyle Ukulele [With CD (Audio)]. (Explanation: as a fumbling, bumbling, never-quite-got-there Celtic harper, I'd rather do fingerpicking style on the uke than use a pick, or strum. I'll probably still fumble & bumble on the uke, but it's a lot quicker to tune than a harp, and a lot less back-breaking to carry to sessions. Also, I'll be another year closer to retirement next week, so I bought myself a present.)

Joe, my sis runs a uke group for a seniors' learning organisation U3A, i.e. University of the Third Age in her local town. They are a nice bunch of people, they have a lot of fun, and they are learning an instrument. What more could you want?

And, as I've commented before on different threads, when we all get into the old folkies home we won't be listening to "We'll Meet Again" or "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do". We'll be listening to "Stairway to Heaven" or "Rock Around the Clock" so you might be pleasantly surprised if you do toddle along to the old fogeys' uke group.