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Posted By: Senoufou
01-Jun-17 - 05:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Essence of England
Subject: RE: BS: The Essence of England
You're right Steve about our weather, and you can come off the Naughty Step now :). My husband says the same thing, that it's benign here. Africa is (of course) fiercely hot and humid. But I like that. I do 'hot' very well indeed. But I just know me, I'd get there and a few months down the line I'd be thinking about all the things listed here and feel terribly homesick.

village fetes, medieval churches (and yes, Will, old churchyards) Maypole dancing, folk-singing and playing, January sales, carol singing, fields of sheep, horses, dairy cows, pigs etc. free-range eggs, hedgerows, Harrods, the Tower of London, cardigans, re-runs of 'The Two Ronnies', regional accents, village pubs, cathedrals and castles, hedge sparrows, barn owls, primroses, jumble sales and car boots, raffles, Helston Furry Dance, Padstow Obby Oss, people smiling at one in the supermarket just being friendly.

If I were fabulously rich, I'd be like Persephone and spend six months each year in Africa and six in Norfolk. ('Cake-and-Eat-it Syndrome')