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Posted By: Jim Carroll
01-Jun-17 - 08:00 AM
Thread Name: Manchester Explosion May 22, 2017
Subject: RE: Manchester Explosion May 22, 2017
"You just don't get it Jim, you are truly a dinosaur."
No Ake - it's you who don't get it and you never will until you address the fats of people being oppressed by despots who rely on British politicians support and are directly exploited by British firms who profit on starvation-level wages and dangerous working conditions
You want to claim these factors don't exist - prove it with evidence
If you do agree they exist, you are part of that exploitation by supporting it
If you believe it is the lot of the people of the poorer nations top bear their burden without complain, than have the decency lay your cards on the table and say so
You will address none of these because you don't make practice of justifying your arguments - you prefer to just deny and call those who disagree with you "liberals" (which turns out by your confession to be "fascists")
Fascists are those who support repressive dictators and terrorists like "Gaddafi, Saddam and latterly Assad" or claim that mass murderers like Anders Breivik has "something to say worth listening to" or support making refugees wear "yellow star" type identification - (feel free to wear which of these badges you recognise as your own)
Never mind the denial bullshit - which of the claims I have made about our involvement with dictators have I got wrong exactly (I doubt if I will live long enough to be around for an answer - you're "too busy" to involve yourself in open debate so I'll have to settle for your refusal to answer as an indication that you have no argument)
Washing your hands of what our governments do in our name is as bad as Ake's defending it.
I, like you, would like to see Corbyn elected and live up to his promises, but how many more innocent people slaughtered in the meantime
In my lifetime I protested against nuclear arms, racism, South Africa, hospital closures, Vietnam, youth unemployment in the North of England, in support of the miners.
Probably none of this made a happorth of difference to Government policy, but at least I didn't end up with their shit or blood on my hands and I can tell those who come after me what I did in the war.
I see the latest Western involvement in exploitation of the poor has hit the fan this morning
The factory making Ivanka Trump's shoes is under investigation for breaching International Labour Laws and two of the Human Rights investigators have 'disappeared'
We now have a U.S. administration directly implicated in the exploitation of the poor
How dare these "fucking Liberals" make these facts known publicly and "destabilise" our Western well-being!!!!
Jim Carroll