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Posted By: Jim Carroll
01-Jun-17 - 11:11 AM
Thread Name: Manchester Explosion May 22, 2017
Subject: RE: Manchester Explosion May 22, 2017
" do you really believe no one else will."
Pathetic excuse Al - let the ones who sell them buy their dead because of their involvement in this filthy trade - I don't want it on my conscience
Britain as a leading "democratic" nation is ideally placed to give a lead in stopping thhis horrific trade by saying no.
"would you rather have the royal family arseholes, or the radical islam arseholes in charge?"
Pathetic again Al and an argument favoured by right-wing fanatics like Ake
The Arab Spring protests wee attempts to improve conditions and introduce more freedom - not to push a religious line
Our inaction and active participation in providing the wherewithal to suppress the protests drove the protesters into the arms of a tiny group of unknown fanatics who nobody had heard of - it was a golden opportunity to win the friendship of ordinary people - totally missed
If you are suggesting these are the only two alternatives then you really are no different than Ake.
Ther was no "overnight revolution in South Africa - it took decades of protests and boycotts before the regime cracked
"at the moment , they want arms. we are a trading nation."
Then why don't we deal in crack cocaine - I'm sure there's a market for it out ther
We helped start a war because these people were supposed to have weapons and the excuse was that they shouldn't have them - yet we sell them - even to the extent of selling chemicals to a madman who is capable of turning them to arm andd using them on hos own people
Come ooooonnnnnn Al
You can do better than that
It is morally wrong to sell arms to killers
Ji Carroll