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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
02-Jun-17 - 10:27 AM
Thread Name: Manchester Explosion May 22, 2017
Subject: RE: Manchester Explosion May 22, 2017
yes Dave that was how it was meant.

as a carer for someone who is disabled - i've watched the electorate taken in by the GDP bollocks, time after time. it hides a multitude of lies and skulduggery and no one but a scoundrel or an economist (I think after the 'monetarism' inspired destruction of British industry, the terms are pretty much interchangeable) would use it.

have you been there? have they restored main services to everyone? has everyone got enough to eat? there now aren't the US led sanctions - so people should be better off. but they could stopped the sanctions without killing anyone.

what is the base of your vast intelligence system. does your circle of friends encompass any Iraqis living there.

Go on! If there was good news I bet we would have been told. You enlighten us all with your personal knowledge.