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Posted By: leeneia
02-Jun-17 - 10:28 AM
Thread Name: tune names - may I vent?
Subject: tune names - may I vent?
I play music for country dancers, and I'm the band member who knows the most about computers and music. And so, when our fearless leader went to Germany, it fell to me to locate 15 dances for the other players. I had a bad cold during this period, and like most people, I had a life to live at the same time.

And I just wanna say this to the people who compose new dances and new tunes. Would you please do us all a favor and stop being clever? For example.

The tune and the dance do not need two unrelated names, unless people have composed more than one dance to a good tune. Calling 'Bruxa' 'Flying Sorceress' just because you thought of flying saucers makes things more complicated.

Don't use a name like '1a'. Where is it in an index?

I don't care if you have a friend named Genevieve. I want 'Jig for Jenny,' not 'Gigue for Genny.' Same with 'High Ginks' and 'Handel with Care.'   It's not that amazing that you are familiar with Handel. We all are.

Do not name a tune after a brachiopod unless the spelling is straightforward. Unusual spellings (in this case, Greek) waste volunteer time because they quickly get corrupted.   
I'm willing to contribute my time, but but I resent people who waste it.