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Posted By: Will Fly
02-Jun-17 - 01:23 PM
Thread Name: tune names - may I vent?
Subject: RE: tune names - may I vent?
Our ceilidh band uses two callers - they sometimes call the same dance but want different tunes for their version of the dance. That's what they get - and we don't particularly care.

We play a tune whose proper name is "J.B. Milne" - it's often used for a dance called "Knutsford", so we often just refer to it as "Knutsford", even though the dances it's used for by our callers are neither of them called "Knutsford". Fun, eh?

Dances are dances - they have the same steps all the time - but you can play any suitable tune set for a dance as long as it fits. Who cares - the dancers rarely do, unless you're playing for a well established dance such as the "Dashing White Sergearnt" where, oddly enough, we play a tune called "The Dashing White Sergeant".

If I was a composer of tunes, which I'm not (other than one called "The Lurcher" which changes time signatures every few bars or so), I'd call 'em just what I wanted - just for the hell of it.

As to "La", "Une" and "Le" and other such definite/indefinite articles - well, that's what they are in foreign languages. My alphabetisation rule for it is simple: If the tune title is in English and begins with ""A" or "The", the article goes at the end after a comma: "Lurcher, The". If it's a foreign tune, the article goes at the front: "Le Canal En Octobre".