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Posted By: CupOfTea
03-Jun-17 - 12:59 PM
Thread Name: tune names - may I vent?
Subject: RE: tune names - may I vent?

I'm both laughing and sympathizing with your plight - working on Leptaena Waltz myself for a dance next Friday. I'll vent along with you - many of the tune/dance combos you've listed are ones we've done, and I was grousing about this very double-barreled issue. Our band started an "Addendum" for all the Not-in-Barnes tunes, and though some of them showed up in Barnes II, the newer dances kept coming with Dance Name done to   A Tune From Somewhere. I started keeping an index that listed both dance and tune names, so when we got the dance list I could FIND the bloody thing.

We have been fortunate that mostly the caller who wants to do these double barrelled combos will provide the music. We're unfortunate when they do it the next time & don't remember there was a different tune name. This trend has been escalating. Recent additions have all been going into an app on my iPad where I keep my dance music, and I will list both tune and dance names., for my own sanity.

I will further add to the complaint - some of the tunes for newly trending dances are not well suited to dances. (I think) it was Sapphire Sea, where after hearing raptures about what a great flow it had, I found as the rhythm section, I couldn't find the beat to save my life.

For traditional NIB tunes that are on the Session or ABC; I recently spent about 2 hours, a call to an out of state friend and him sending me a PDF from a tune book, to use a Scottish tune, another couple hours modifying an ABC version to match the book version, only to have the fiddle and recorder player say "Oh, we won't do that,we want the one from the Session" that looks nothing like the tune in the Scottish source, and the piano player saying "that's great" I weep in frustration. So, a wry laugh, and much sympathy. And isn't Abruxa a very nice tune???

Cheers from Cleveland,