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Posted By: Jim Carroll
03-Jun-17 - 01:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: First Joke Thread of 2017
Subject: RE: BS: First Joke Thread of 2017
A young lad is on a cruise with his parents when the ship runs into a mighty storm and goes down
He clings to a piece of wreckage and eventually finds himself washed ashore on an idyllic island - the sole survivor.
He finds there is plenty of fruit to be had and a ready supply of spring water, fo me manages to build himself a shelter of sorts and take care of himself.
No-one comes to rescue him and he is there for years, growing into a fit and healthy young man
As he matures, he begins to be aware of his body, particularly his penis, which has him completely puzzled because of all it's apparently uncontrollable idiosyncrasies
He begins to explore all its possibilities and finds that as he sits on the shore and allows it to dangle down, if he tenses his muscles he can flick the pebbles with it.
He practices and practices - first a few inches, then a foot, then two foot, then a yard.... until he discovers he can sit a fair distance and flick them into the sea.
One day he is totally engrossed in his game when he looks up to find a beautiful, scantily-clad young woman, another survivor of another shipwreck watching him curiously.
"What are you doing?" she asks.
He explains at length (so to speak) telling her how he has increased his ability over the years.
"That's an awful waste", she says, let me show you what to do with it - and she throws of what clothes she had on, sits down beside him and begins to work on him until they both fall onto the sand and make passionate love.
"There", she gasps, "when they've finished, "what do you think about that?"
"Very interesting", he replies, "but I suppose you know you've totally ruined my flicker".
Jim Carroll