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Posted By: Joe Offer
04-Jun-17 - 01:17 AM
Thread Name: Songs of Betsy Rose
Subject: ADD: Don't Shut My Sister Out (Betsy Rose)
(Betsy Rose)

Don't shut my sister out
Trust her choices
Her woman's wisdom
And her will to grow
Don't shut my sister out
Trust her vision
Her intuition of her own way to go.

Well, a woman's rhythm is an ebb and a flow
It's a coming together and a-letting go
Like the tides of the moon and the seasons of earth
We sing our cycle of death and rebirth.

Sometimes I find myself taking a stand
It's like finding rocks among the shifting sand.
And sisters gather round holding hand in hand
Saying this is our story, this is our land.

Sometimes I find I have to walk away
There are inner voices that I have to obey
And they leave me lonely and they leave my cold
And they lead me away from the sisterfold.

One thing I've learned is never to assume
That every woman I meet is gonna sing my tune
i want respect, I wanna give you the same
This is a struggle for survival, not a party game.

I see pointing finger, I hear calling names
I see our strength being shattered by fear and pain
Can't you see the writing on the wall
If we don't join together, well, we're all gonna fall.

You are a special woman, shouldn't have to hide
I wanna know you, grow with you right by my side
Won't you come as you are, won't you do what you must
Won't you help build a sisterhood we all can trust.

©1979 Betsy Rose


Can't find a YouTube recording of this one.