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Thread Name: Songs of Betsy Rose
Subject: ADD: Glad to Be a Woman (Betsy Rose)
(Betsy Rose)

So many years I been bitter
Wanting to be someone else
Nature had formed me, and the world had conformed me
Into thinking I must be less
Than the bravest and the best
Better find me a nest to take care of
And let somebody stronger take care of me, but now I'm

Glad to be a woman
Glad to be alive
Glad for the children to take my place
Glad for the will to survive

Books that I read made me angry
And the life that I led made me blue
The face in the mirror looked hollow with fear
With the eyes painted blind
But a spirit behind
Saying let your light shine, let it shine
But I was still a young girl and it took some time to be

Well I never saw myself to be that strong
I was loving and tender 'cause that got me along
Til the storm swept around
Lord it shook my world down
And I stood in the ruins with no one to turn to
I turned to myself
And that's when I found I was (Chorus)

Last Chorus: *
Glad to be a woman
Glad to be alive
Glad for the children to take our place someday
Glad for the will to survive
And I'm glad for the will to survive
I had me the will, and we still got the will
And I'm glad for the will to survive.

© 1976 Betsy Rose

Notes: Betsy Rose is a singer-songwriter and activist who, together with Cathy Winter, has, performed feminist music at folk clubs, festivals, and women's events throughout North America. The celebratory song Glad to be a Woman" appears on their new album Sweet Sorcery (CR1 230 Origami Records, PC Box 8012, Albany, NY 12203).
'I play this song on the piano, using lots of full chords and gospel rhythms," Betsy says. "The notations F/A or Eb/G mean an F chord with an A in the bass, or an Eh chord with a G in the bass. This is easy enough on the piano, but I've never had much luck playing it on guitar—if anyone does, I'd love to hear it!"

Source: Sing Out! Magazine, Volume 28, Number 4 (July-Aug 1980), pages 12-13