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Posted By: Mr Red
05-Jun-17 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: tune names - may I vent?
Subject: RE: tune names - may I vent?
Well, call me anything but "po-faced" AND:

The whole exercise is enjoyment, and if there is humour in pairing a dance name with a tune name - it all adds to the night. With the caveat, they have to be announced, otherwise it is an in joke and they are not as funny.

And IME contra (which seems to be the genre discussed in the OP) is more about cleverness cf  English Ceilidh.

Being a programmer I would add that the power of a good database and also the internet is that the search can be free-form. But yes, it takes time when you consider that people are people and have differing ideas on neatness and format. Putting a comment on the dance documentation to the effect "tunes, try XXX, or yyy, or ZZZ" with a few variations in spelling/ word order for the &/or le if the entry format was known.

Consider HTML file names....... Some clever, intelligent professional web designers are so neat and orthoganal they name their page "festival-May-2017.htm" neglecting to understand that kind-hearted webmeisters link to them for free and next year (or month) it is a broken or useless link. And not all links are on webpages, far more are on "favourites" - and users just say "OK! next festival"! ....... "current.htm" is sufficient every month/year, duplicated for posterity with clever filenames.

My mantra is "if you can find it, it is tidy"

I often suggest "Horses Brawle" in the key of GG (slang for horse). But the real joke is that it is (correctly) G to Gm. A groan, with a supçon of cleverness!