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Posted By: Joe Offer
08-Jun-17 - 05:26 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Testimony (Ferron)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Testimony (Ferron)

There's godlike
And warlike
And strong like only some show
And there's sadlike
And madlike
And had like we know.

But by my life be I spirit
And by my heart be I woman
And by my eyes be I open
And by my hands be I whole.

They say slowly
Brings the least shock
But no matter how slow I walk
There are traces
Empty spaces
And doors and doors of locks. (chorus)

You young ones
You're the next ones
And I hope you choose it well
Tho' you try hard
You may fall prey
To the jaded jewel (chorus)

Listen, there are waters
Hidden from us
In the maze we find them still
We'll take you to them
You take your young ones
May they take their own in turn (chorus)

Words and music by Ferron
©1980 Nemesis Publishing Procan

Ferron's "Testimony" has become an anthem in Women's Music. Originally written for a friend's movie project entitled "This Film is about Rape," it later became the title song of her third album. (available through Redwood Records, 476 W. MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94609). Sweet Honey In The Rock has recorded it as well on their album We All... Everyone Of Us [(FF317) Flying Fish Records 1304 W.
Schubert, Chicago, IL 60614].

Source: Sing Out! Magazine Volume 31, Number 1 [Jan-Feb-Mar 1985), page 31

Recording by Ferron:

Recording by Sweet Honey in the Rock:

Holly Near recording:

On Page 250 of the Rise Up Singing Songbook