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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
14-Jun-17 - 02:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: great Teresa's I have known
Subject: RE: BS: great Teresa's I have known
15 years ago me and the mrs went on a Saturday pilgrimage to Nailsea...

former home and resting place of Adge Cutler.

We found a rough cider pub to rest up in for a few hours while we paid our respects..

There was an old bloke and his middle aged daughter, Theresa, propping up the bar..

They spoke their own indisipherable language and became steadily even more the worst for wear..
bickering, arguing, fighting, falling off bar stools...
excellent real life pub entertainment.

If I recall events correctly, eventually the daughter made a melodramatic exit from the pub..

leaving the old man whining pitifuly after her...

"Cheezer.. Cheezer.. don't leave me Cheezer... Cheezer..Cheezer.. come back.. Cheeeeeezer......"

We had to leave to walk a long way back to the nearest train station home..

And we could still hear some distance down the road, a faint forlorn "Cheezer... Cheeeezer.."

So.. we can't help ourselves whenever we see our dear PM on the telly... "Cheeeeezer.."... 😜