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Posted By: Jim Carroll
24-Jun-17 - 03:41 AM
Thread Name: Oldtime Musical Gatherings: What Were They Called?
Subject: RE: Oldtime Musicals . . . What Were They Called?
In Ireland there's a whole string of names used, depending where you are - around here in West clare they are still referred to as 'House dances' or even 'country-house dances'
In this area of Clare the more intimate gatherings between neighbours were called cuairds (pronounced coor), where music, singing, dancing, talk would take place
Often a musician would keep two instruments - one for home and one to be left in the neighboring house to save carrying it across the fields
The last traditional venue around here, 'Gleeson's Bar' (and shop), which catered for traditional music for over seventy years and held dances every Sunday night was sited in a townland called Coor - no coincidence, I'm sure.
In the north of Ireland I've hard them called 'convoys' - there are several songs which use the term as a title - 'Murray's Convoy' from Brackislea in Derry, springs to mind.
Elsewhere in the North they were called soirees
Lovely old tradition
Jim Carroll