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Posted By: Steve Shaw
04-Jul-17 - 07:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Weapons of mass weed destruction
Subject: RE: BS: Weapons of mass weed destruction
I assure you that no small to medium farm in this neck of the Westcountry is getting anything like a million quid. I have never, to my knowledge, been affected by spray drift. I have been affected by the nauseous smell of fresh pigshit from a nearby intensive pig farm whenever the wind comes from certain points east, the sickening odour of freshly-spread chicken shit from the alleged free-range unit nearby, washing covered in dust during silaging, an escaped herd of goats devastating my garden, a herd of cows transforming my front lawn into a swamp in thirty seconds flat and have nearly been asphyxiated by a tractor left idling for two hours just outside my garden when the wind was a gentle sou'-westerly. I've had a plague of pollen beetles and flea beetles too, both from oilseed rape in the field next door, and that crop also drives up the slug count big-time.   I wouldn't trade it for the world.