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Posted By: GUEST,watcher strummer
06-Jul-17 - 01:47 PM
Thread Name: advice sought ukulele tuning
Subject: RE: advice sought ukulele tuning
with most ukulele strings you could go up or down two semitones from the usual GCEA. Some people with a soprano say it sounds better tuned up to ADFsharpB. Some say a tenor sounds "fuller" tuned down to FBbDG.
Remember though that you will have to work out the new chord shapes instead of just using the standard ones in the songbooks.
The traditionalists say you MUST use re-entrant tuning ( the G high in the same octave as the A string) but many players use a low G for a richer sound and a few more notes for fingerpicking.
A baritone isn't re-entrant, and you could try tuning it to open G or open D. You can buy special sets for the "standard" GCEA.
The traditionalists also say you shouldn't use a strap or a plectrum (I use both!) and a baritone is an abomination, just a shrunken guitar
My view is that it is your instrument, set it up how you like to play it and ignore the old fogeys.