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Posted By: GUEST,watcher strummer
06-Jul-17 - 04:09 PM
Thread Name: advice sought ukulele tuning
Subject: RE: advice sought ukulele tuning
There are charts for the baritone. If you switch to something like open D/G, drop D etc you will have to work them out yourself.
If you tune a soprano to ADFsharpB you can still use the "normal" chord shapes but remember they will all sound a tone higher, e.g. the F chord shape will play G, and to play F will need the Eflat shape.
Likewise tuning down a tenor means to play a G chord you will have to play what is normally the A chord shape.
It will be no bother if you do it consistently, but you might get confused by books showing the standard GCEA shapes.
If you have a low-G instead of re-entrant high-G there is no difference in the chord shapes, just a deeper sound.