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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
08-Jul-17 - 10:02 PM
Thread Name: advice sought ukulele tuning
Subject: RE: advice sought ukulele tuning
I've never broken a uke string yet. Apart from one time I was trying to tune to mandolin tuning without changing to an appropriate first string. (Going up from G to E was just a wee bit far.) But with standard tuning they tend to be a lot less tightly strung than on most guitars.

I've always tended to replace strings I break on any instrument one at a time. Typically they'll break because I'm tuning too high, and it's just that string. Or in a session when changing the lot wouldn't be practical.

Tying a big knot in a uke string to hold it works fine. I suppose in theory it might damage the hole in time - and if it wasn't big enough and got pulled into the hole, and brole with the knot stuck in it p, then it might be tricky getting it out, but I wouldn't worry, that wouldn't happen too often, But fussy way you mention might be worth trying. And look prettier.

Best strings I find are by Worth, and you can get them online.