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Posted By: Mr Red
10-Jul-17 - 05:07 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: thatcher's language (roofing)
Subject: RE: Folklore: thatcher's language
I was a potter, wanted it to be my trade but ...... don't get me started on that aspect.

Potters jargon eh?
pug mill for doing a some of the wedging, what a baker would call kneading
dottle is a easier to say than "sponge on a stick".
dipping fairly obvious alternative to spraying.
bat - tile for putting thrown (eg) pots on to dry. A kiln bat is a removable shelf.
biscuit/bisk when fired to about 600C to remove chemically bonded water and make adding glaze easier (eg dipping).
frit - glaze ground to powder - used when toxicity or solubility are issues. eg lead glazes.
pot bank pottery premises

and just for the humour - slip (any liquid clay) - the casting variety is thixotropic - it is unbelievably leather hard until you stir it then it goes like single cream. The unit of thixotropy (in pottery terms) is "degree twaddle" - oTw