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Posted By: Jim Carroll
10-Jul-17 - 07:29 PM
"Jim. I think you take a partisan view of the civil war."
Most socialists do - they regard fascism an enemy of society (I can think of at least six million reasons why that is the case) and anybody who is prepared to stand up to the threat of fascism, despite their government's appeasement of it. heroes
None of your lot has actually got round to tackling that appeasement., and I doubt if you will ever emerge far enough out of your closets to do so.
The Civil War was a proxy for nothing - Franco opposed a legally elected Government, he staged a military coup and enlisted the support of the Moroccans to support him
This happened at the the time that Lord Rothermere, via his Daily Mail, was supporting the Hitler Government and the rise of British Fascism, Mosley's thugs were taking to the streets (protected by our boys in Blue) and the Nazis were well into their persecution of the Jews
My old man (who was a well-brought-up Catholic Collegian), and many others of similar ilk, saw the warning signs and decided that, if the governments were not going to do anything about it, somebody should.
His mother, my grandmother (who I met only once) beat him by a few month when she was arrested for throwing a stone at Mosley and hitting him - another family hero
Bullshit aside, if what I have described her didn't happen, or if Mosley or Franco have been greatly misjudged by history, please feel free to put be back on the straight and narrow.
In the case of the latter, having just read 'The Spanish Holocaust', you may add the fact that Franco's fascism continued virtually up to his death with mass torture and murder, in many cases, simply for revenge for the Civil War
The case is a simple one - fascism was on the rise, having first welcomed it as "a bulwark against Bolshevism" the bulk of our leaders decided to continue to support it, hoping it's excesses would be confined to Germany, the volunteers left the safety of their homes and went to fight it
Your blog from a totally unknown and presumably unqualified blogger touches on none of this - if I was the slightest bit interested I would be tempted to ask 'what's your point'
Jim Carroll