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Posted By: Senoufou
12-Jul-17 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Sam Smiths bar Bikers
Subject: RE: BS: Sam Smiths bar Bikers
I know one or two bikers. We get quite a few 'packs' visiting Sheringham, where they park in the main street and admire eachothers' machines. Many of these bikes are amazing, beautifully maintained.
They also descend on Whitwell, and stop for a burger at 'Bear's Grill'.
I love to see their imaginative clothing; all that black leather and studs. The ladies have wonderful brightly-coloured hair, and most of the men have luxuriant beards.
They are renowned for their kindness, congeniality and helpfulness if anyone is in trouble on the roadside. I've never ever heard bad language from them when in a cafe in Sheringham for example.
One of my friends has a son who is a biker, Big Jason. He's a lovely lad and adores his German Shepherd dog 'Floyd'.
If I was visiting a pub, any pub, I'd be very pleased indeed to see some bikers arrive. The vast majority are absolutely delightful people.
Isn't prejudice annoying?