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Posted By: Senoufou
13-Jul-17 - 04:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: Sam Smiths bar Bikers
Subject: RE: BS: Sam Smiths bar Bikers
Well the above-mentioned Big Jason is well over six feet tall, covered in tattoos, has a bushy beard and an earring in one ear. He's muscular and immensely strong. He drinks in his local village pub and doesn't hold back on the ale. His girlfriend has bright green and blue hair, many piercings and a fearsome leather jacket bristling with studs. If you met them alone on a dark night you'd think your time had come...

But years ago, when one of our kittens got himself shut in a small local furniture restoring factory late one night, Big Jason came at once, forced a window to let the little horror out, then rang the proprietor to explain. He mended the window and set all to rights. He was my absolute hero!

He also dotes on his mum (my friend) does many jobs for her around the house and often brings her a bunch of flowers from a garage when he fills up his motorbike. He's a Big Softy.