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Posted By: Mr Red
13-Jul-17 - 05:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: Sam Smiths bar Bikers
Subject: RE: BS: Sam Smiths bar Bikers
A few years ago we had a request from a biker on behalf of his "gathering" at Chippenham Festival. He asked if his mates could walk through the public park - at the time full of tents, traders and folkie things. We pointed-out it was public and one lass made a point of engaging in conversation, she was a big biker too. You wouldn't guess though.
Not all gatherings are "clubs", he (probably a bank manager or such) found it quicker to show himself and present as the representative of the softies they were.
Another Folk Festival - the pub had booked the dates for a bike gathering the same weekend. Apart from the toe wrestling and the actual songs - the ethos was pretty much the same.
But Bikers come with preconceptions they have to live with that. As do BMW drivers!

Wetherspoon ban music in pubs. Except excruciatingly loud TVs usually showing football, accompanied by the assemblage singing. NOBODY bans football!

Life ain't rational. Find a better pub.