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Posted By: Bill D
13-Jul-17 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Weapons of mass weed destruction
Subject: RE: BS: Weapons of mass weed destruction
I did..(still do) have a petrol saw, (husqvarna ) which requires careful gas/oil mixing and several choke/throttle adjustments and the 'art' of holding it still while yanking on the starter cord. I suspect that experts 'tune' them for ease of use.
   This chainsaw is as 'gentle' as possible. It has a button to turn on the power, a button plus trigger to start the chain, and a chain brake to stop it almost instantly. It of course requires basic safety procedures... basically keeping the anti-kickback teeth in touch with the just getting used to the 'feel' of a power tool. I have a workshop with many power tools, so the habits are fairly well ingrained.

   When I got the Greenworks saw, I went out and quickly caught up on reducing a pile of useless timber pieces to manageable sizes. It is MUCH quieter than the old saw and lighter and better balanced..

   I assume there are videos about using chainsaws... if one is not sure, I'd suggest watching some...or even better, finding someone local to demonstrate and/or show the tricks.

I also have a Ryobi battery 18 volt circular saw for smaller jobs on limbs up to maybe 4 inches....

(Yes, I have heard sad stories of chainsaw accidents, too. Almost anything that whirls or cuts can get you. I have a small scar on my thumb from hurrying on a band saw! 30 years of woodworking, and that's my only real injury beyond scrapes & splinter.)