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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
13-Jul-17 - 11:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Weapons of mass weed destruction
Subject: RE: BS: Weapons of mass weed destruction
Just need to add in my experience of glyphosate: Asked to get rid of thos weeds in a garden; someone just sprayed them and left them. Yeah! Sprayed them with Roundup! With gloves, long sleeves, long pants, I racked them up, put them on a sheet and wrapped them upp and put them in the back of my car, took the sheet out and dumped the weeds over the bank, never to be a bother again. Except that I ws sick for a month. I really do not care if it is carcinogenic or not, anything that takes a month out of my life should not be on the market. It is known to cause birth defects in frogs and lots more - KNOWN.

15% vinegar.
I had a weed burner that had been made to be a burner for a pottery kiln, hooked up to a propane cannister, did a great job of killing weeds in paving and the like.

As for chain saws - treat with respect. Here in the wilds of logging country Canada, I do not hear horror stories. There are frequent safety trainings. For several years, a friend and I cut up a full truck load of logs in prep for winter - VERY carefully. But we did it.