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Posted By: Donuel
14-Jul-17 - 02:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Quantum entanglement
Subject: RE: BS: Quantum entanglement
The strange quantum randomness of plank scale phenomena in quantum physics irked Einstein to the point he said as you know "god does not play dice with the universe." He preferred discrete beautiful answers which is why he argued against most things quantum.
He eventually accepted some truths about the spooky nature of reality but felt there must be a third thing to reestablish a rational wholeness to Physics. were still looking and guessing

I do not see the answer in gravity but in opposing space time energies we can't see or measure yet. I suspect they don't scale evenly and are out of balance, otherwise space might be slowing down instead of speeding up.

While Black holes are a form of ultimate matter they may hold a way to explore and measure new properties of space. New to us that is.

Just last year it was not proven that a thousand times more black holes exist. Now we know they are extremely plentiful. This plays a role in my thinking and is encouraging. (in other words, I told you so)